Getting Here

An Sìthean on the map

Zooming in on this map will show where An Sithean is situated relative to the pier and the township of Scarinish. Alternatively, check out the picture below to see the landmarks from a more useful perspective.

From the Ferry

To reach An Sìthean from the Ferry terminal, simply follow Pier Road to the end and turn left on to B8065. take the first right after the Police Station on to the track, and (keeping to the right) continue on to An Sìthean at the end of the track.

From the airport

To reach An Sìthean from the airport, follow the airport road to the end and turn left on to B8068. At the end of the road, turn left on to the B8065 toward Scarinish. Follow this past the Co-op and the RBS bank, until you come to a sign pointing right to Gott Bay Pier (just before the police station). Turn left on to the track in front of this sign, then keep to the right until you reach An Sìthean.

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